Author: Jeff Sauser

The Coworking Space: An Alternative To Your Kitchen Table

Why the coworking space will replace the kitchen table as the best place to work after the pandemic. Remote is here to stay, but working from home has lost its luster. Enter the local coworking space and the zoom-ready privacy booth! For the first few months of the pandemic, working from home was an exciting

Why the Privacy Booth Is the Must-Have Workplace Feature Post-COVID

As people return to the workplace, they’ll bring their Zoom calls with them. A privacy booth will provide a compact, comfortable refuge for virtual conversation. Before the pandemic, phone calls and Zoom meetings were already a prominent part of work-life and generated significant noise and distraction in the office. As more and more workplaces shifted

Why the Open Plan Office Is Broken and How to Fix It

Over the years, the open plan office has become a chaotic, distracting environment but new solutions like privacy phone booths help keep the peace. Through the latter decades of the 20th Century, offices underwent a gradual transformation, from resembling factory floors rung with executive suites to maze-like cubicle farms to the open plan office format

12 Things to Look for in an Office Phone Booth

There are numerous factors to consider when evaluating which office phone booth to purchase and it can be difficult to find an option that checks all the boxes. The office phone booth is an excellent solution for open offices and collaborative workplaces where people are often on the phone or Zoom and acoustic privacy is