The Coworking Space: An Alternative To Your Kitchen Table

Why the coworking space will replace the kitchen table as the best place to work after the pandemic.

Remote is here to stay, but working from home has lost its luster. Enter the local coworking space and the zoom-ready privacy booth!

For the first few months of the pandemic, working from home was an exciting – even exotic – treat for many workers. Commutes vanished, sweatpants replaced slacks, and snacks from the fridge were just a few steps from the desk, aka kitchen table.

By winter, however, remote workers were getting stir crazy. The line between work and life blurred. Kids, housework, and other distractions eroded productivity. Life without friends and community was a drag.

As the pandemic subsides, remote working will remain but people will seek out new places to do it – especially where they can be around other people. The local coworking space offers an ideal alternative.

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Shared coworking space will replace conventional offices for many workers

For the most part, the great remote working experiment has been  a success. Companies have adapted effectively and the workforce has persevered. Though the pandemic will likely wind down in 2021, companies large and small are introducing permanent policies offering employees partial or fully remote working arrangements. 

As remote work shifts from a temporary adaptation to a permanent fixture, people will seek out local options that offer a comfortable but professional place to work. An emerging trend over the past decade, coworking spaces were designed to meet this need and will likely see memberships swell as increasing numbers of remote workers seek them out and set up shop.

Local coworking spaces will proliferate as people leave big cities for a new lifestyle

As companies decentralize by shrinking office footprints and encouraging remote work, many employees might question the need to remain living in expensive large cities when they can bring their jobs elsewhere and remain productive.

For example, during the pandemic, substantial numbers fled cities with high infection rates for less impacted smaller towns, heating up rural real estate markets and fueling revitalization in places that hadn’t seen growth for a generation. Many of these migrants are not going back and it is likely they will be joined by more remote workers who suddenly feel free to move to places that offer a lower cost of living and a more comfortable lifestyle.

In response to this exodus, new coworking spaces are popping up in small cities and towns across the country to meet the demand.

Zoom is here to stay, so coworking spaces will need privacy booths to accommodate the influx

After the pandemic, remote workers will enjoy the opportunity to relocate from the lonely kitchen table to the community-oriented coworking space. However, much of the workday will still happen on Zoom. To accommodate this new paradigm, coworking facilities will need to provide space for people to conduct calls and video chats without disturbing their fellow members.

In recent years, privacy booths have emerged as an effective solution to this challenge. Compact and modular, they are easy to install and provide comfortable, on-demand space for cowork members to stay connected remotely. As remote workers continue spreading across the country, expect to see privacy booths as an essential feature of every coworking space over the coming years.

The Bento privacy booth provides an exceptional solution for workers in need of a quiet, comfortable place to conduct a call or otherwise take refuge and focus. Natural materials, intentional lighting, and effective ventilation enhance the experience and support productivity. Modular design, sustainable materials, local fabrication, and a transparent supply chain make Bento an easy choice for owners interested in a product that not only performs at a high level but also fundamentally aligns with the ethos and values of a progressive and conscientious organization.

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