Why the Privacy Booth Is the Must-Have Workplace Feature Post-COVID

As people return to the workplace, they’ll bring their Zoom calls with them. A privacy booth will provide a compact, comfortable refuge for virtual conversation.

Before the pandemic, phone calls and Zoom meetings were already a prominent part of work-life and generated significant noise and distraction in the office. As more and more workplaces shifted to an open floor plan with fewer barriers or opportunities for privacy, voices and disruptions became a problem that was measurably impacting productivity. The need for offices to be equipped with a privacy booth was already becoming apparent. 

Though COVID gave workers a temporary break from the office environment, at some point most will likely return to a workplace of some sort. Because the pandemic seems to have solidified Zoom calls as a permanent fixture of the work day like never before, the open office cacophony may only intensify once the world returns to “normal” and workers are back at their desks, now talking into their computers and phones more than ever.

The privacy booth offers an effective solution to this problem and may become a ubiquitous feature in the post-COVID workplace.

See how the Bento booth can boost productivity in your workspace

To protect productivity, offices must adapt!

Anticipating the chaos to come, workplaces should proactively consider ways to adapt that address new challenges head-on. The primary source of increased noise and distraction will come from people engaged in phone and video meetings with remote interlocutors. Therefore, the most impactful adaptations will involve introducing new means of acoustic privacy scaled for individual use.

It is clearly not feasible to redesign and rebuild offices with walls and partitions that acoustically separate workers from each other. Furthermore, though open offices have their detractors, workers likely aren’t interested in returning to cubicle farms or being isolated in rows of private rooms.

Instead, responses should focus on compact, modular strategies that flexibly address the core challenge without adding new problems or excessive costs. The Bento privacy booth is tailored to these contemporary needs and constraints, representing an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications, from open offices to coworking spaces to institutional environments.

The privacy booth solves the problem efficiently and effectively

Simply put, the Bento ooth is a modular space designed for users to comfortably conduct phone and video calls inside without disturbing people working outside. 

The booth can be positioned wherever acoustic privacy is needed within the workplace environment. Compact and repositionable, the privacy booth fits in small spaces so likely won’t require disruptive rearranging of desks or furniture. 

The Bento booth includes built-in lighting and ventilation so the only infrastructure required is a single power outlet.

Learn how the Bento booth can help adapt your workplace for the post-COVID future

What you should look for in a privacy booth

There are numerous perspectives and factors to consider when evaluating privacy booth options:

  • From the user’s perspective, comfort and performance parameters are most important, such as acoustics, lighting, and ventilation.
  • From the owner’s workplace manager’s perspective, flexibility and convenience are key, such as ease of assembly, design quality, and customer service.
  • And everyone involved should feel good about the privacy booths’ intrinsic design and manufacturing characteristics such as sustainable design, local production, and a transparent supply chain!

The Bento privacy booth was optimized for all of these factors. Learn more about how Bento is an ideal solution for your workplace adaptation!

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